Front end engineering design / Basic design

The basic Engineering design covers Conceptual process studies like material balances, process flowsheets, etc., preliminary plot plan, Preliminary piping and instrument diagrams, sizing of main equipment, conceptual requirement of control and safety devices.
Front-end engineering and design covers mechanical data sheets of the main equipment, tender packages for the main equipment, process and utility P&IDs, plot plans and hazardous areas.

Detail engineering

The detail engineering covers Engineering (Specifications to Purchasing of equipment, P&IDs, detailed documents/ drawings related to all disciplines and Start up procedures.), Procurement support (Material requisitions, Technical bid evaluation, Vendor document reviews, etc.) and Site support (resolving site queries, providing solutions to complication raised at site, etc.).

Pre-bid/Proposal engineering

SIDES supports EPC contractors in submitting competitive quotations to Clients. Also supports Clients by providing techno-commercial estimates for conceptual study of projects. Prebid engineering covers Man-hour estimation, Cost estimation and Material take-off, preliminary drawings, specifications, etc.

Project execution using database tools & CAE tools

Experienced team of engineers delivers the projects in database within the time schedule by meeting the Client requirements and provide engineering support & support on compatibility issues or project setup at Client location. Step by step execution procedures for Smart P&IDs, Instrumentation and Electrical database using Smart plant and AVEVA software are defined for developing the project (on-going and As-built) in the database which supports for compatibility and systematic database updation.
Database tools:

  • SP PID/ SP Instrumentation / SP Electrical
  • AVEVA PID/ AVEVA Instrumentation/ AVEVA Electrical

SIDES embraces experience and defined work procedures for 3D modelling, Stress analysis, Surge analysis, Process simulation, Fire water adequacy calculations, Fire water network hydraulics, Structural design calculations, Structural modelling & detailing, Power system studies, Lighting calculations, Mechanical design calculations, etc. on engineering tools are listed below:

  • PDS / PDMS/ Autoplant / Plant 3D/ Cadworx /SP 3D
  • STAAD Pro
  • Tekla
  • ETAP
  • PV ELITE / Ansys
  • Auto CAD / Micro Station


Updation of red line as-built mark ups to prepare as-built drawings & documents with precise quality and compatibility. Updation of as-built drawings based on site survey reports for modifications and further as-built drawings.


Adequate support from SIDES engineering office on time to time basis by deputing experienced engineers to the Client locations based on project requirement or for construction requirement or for maintenance based on Client.

Procurement & Construction

SIDES procurement services cover floating enquiries to vendors in Client approved vendor list or Client approved vendors, purchasing, expediting vendor engineering, Inspecting the manufactured and associated equipment, planning and implement delivery and logistics.

SIDES Construction services cover construction procedures, schedules, HSE, site preparation, mobilisation of equipment, tools, mobilisation of manpower, construction, quality inspection, pre-commissioning and commissioning.

Inspection and Expediting

Inspection and Expediting covers stage wise inspection and testing of raw materials, finished products and equipment at Manufacturer / Supplier’s workplace for Packaged Mechanical items, Process unit skids, Static and Rotating Mechanical Equipment, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Valves, Pressure Safety Valves, Induction Bends (5D, 6D, 7D and 10D), Line Pipe Coating (3LPE, PP, CTE, CWC ), Fasteners, Gaskets, Plates, Forgings, Castings, Electrical and Instrumentation items etc. SIDES Carry out Inspection, Examination and testing as per Client Specifications as well as various International Codes & Standards and Recommended Practices.  SIDES provides the below services:

  • Witness Stage wise inspection and testing of materials and equipment at Project Construction / Fabrication sites
  • Witness testing for valves – Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), Type Acceptance Test (TAT), Fugitive Emission Test (FET) and Prototype Testing
  • Witness of Hydrostatic, Pneumatic and Reinstatement testing for Piping and Static equipment
  • Witness FAT / SAT for Rotating Mechanical equipment
  • Vendor Evaluation, Assessment and Development
  • Witness Integrated FAT / SAT for Electrical and Instrumentation Systems.

NDE and Testing services

NDE and Testing services covers coordination and carrying out regular stage wise inspection and NDT related works such as weld visual of welded joints, interpretation of radiography films, Liquid Penetration Test, Magnetic Particle Test, Ultrasonic Test etc. NDT and Testing Services:

  • Provide and conduct conventional NDT inspection services like Visual, Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), Liquid Penetrant Test (LPT), Ultrasonic Testing (UT) etc.
  • Conduct advance NDT services like Thermography, Boroscopic, Phase Array and Time of Flight diffraction (TOFD) Ultrasonic Testing, Acoustic Emission, Vibration Analysis, Eddy Current, Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS), Remote Field Electromagnetic Testing (RFET), Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL).
  • Hardness Testing, Positive Material Identification, Metallography.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrograph (EDS), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD)


Project quality management covers quality assessment and control for Engineering, Procurement Inspection and Expediting, NDE and Testing services, Vendor Assessment, Evaluation and Development and overall Project Management with the below action points.

  • Review and verify requirement of Project quality documents as per contractual Scope of work / agreement.
  • Project Quality Plans (PQP) / Project Quality Assurance Plans (PQAP).
  • Inspection and Test Plan (ITP).
  • Project Quality Procedures such as- Welding and NDT Procedures, Manufacturing and Testing procedures, Method Statement, Painting and Coating Procedures, Fabrication, Erection / Installation Procedures etc.
  • Quality Management Systems and Technical Compliance Audits.


Asset Integrity Management covers consultancy and implementation of Risk Based Inspection (RBI), Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) for Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, LNG, Chemicals, Pipelines, Offshore facilities, other process units / plants, etc. with below activities:

  • Base line survey of Plant equipment, Piping and structures.
  • Validation of As-built equipment details with actual measurements during construction / Pre-Commissioning stages.
  • Inspection, Testing and Assessment of Operating Assets.
  • Remnant Life Assessment and Life Extension study and consultancy.
  • Condition Monitoring and Corrosion Management services.
  • Evaluation of Ageing Assets and Maintenance support.
  • Fitness For Service Assessment (FFS) and remediation.
  • Asset Life Studies of Piping, Equipment, Machinery and Structures & Asset Integrity Reports.


Failure Analysis of Refinery, Petrochemicals, Fertilizer, Chemical, Power plant, Process units / Plant etc. covers the following:

  • Material and Equipment Failure Investigation, Analysis, Assessment, Evaluation and Recommendations / Remediation.
  • Study of Material and Equipment Failure Mechanism, Assessment and Recommendations / Remediation.
  • Failure Analysis, Root-Cause Failure Analysis (RFCA) / Root-Cause Analysis (RCA) of Material and Equipment.
  • In situ Inspection, Examination and Testing.
  • Laboratory Testing and Analysis.
  • Conduct Repair, Replacement, Rectification, Alteration, Modification of damaged /detoriated Plant Equipment, Machinery, Piping, Structural, Electrical and Instrumentation related works.

Welding Engineering and Inspection

This section covers Engineering material study and selection, consultation on Welding metallurgy for ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Preparation / Review and qualification of Welding procedures, Welder and Welding operator qualifications, Welding NDT and inspection services and Welding activities for fabrication of Piping, Static, Rotating Equipment, Tanks, Structural and Pipeline works.


  • Consultation on Base material and welding consumables selection for welding of Carbon Steel, Low and High Alloy Steel, Low Temperature and High Temperature Carbon and Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Steel, Nickel Alloys and Non-Ferrous metals and Alloys etc.
  • Prepare, Establish and Qualification of Welding procedures for different welding processes, base materials and welding techniques.
  • Witness of Welding Procedure Qualification and Procedure Qualification Tests.
  • Witness and Approval of Welder or Welding operator performance qualification tests.
  • Witness of Mechanical Testing and NDT Test for Welding procedure specification and welder performance qualifications as per relevant codes, standards and Client specifications.
  • Consultation and implementation on mitigation of Welding defects, causes, avoidance and weld repairs.
  • Consultation on weld repair for existing in service equipment, Piping and Structures.
  • Inspection of Welding activities for fabrication of Piping, Static Equipment, Rotating Equipment, Storage Tanks, Structural and Pipeline works.

Operation & Maintenance

SIDES provides O&M services for various sectors providing skilled man power for monitoring the operations and scheduling the periodic maintenance of the plant. O&M services covers:

  • Plant Operation and Maintenance.
  • Assisting the Owner during Erection, Testing & Commissioning.
  • Assisting Owner for Preparation of O & M budget & procedures.
  • Providing annual, monthly & fortnightly reports.
  • Conducting regular audits.
  • Carry out improvement plans for better performance of plant.
  • Implementation of modern maintenance practices and inventory.
  • Coordination with the Statutory authorities.